Manufacturing Process

At Fornituras L. Mora we study and advise our clients on technical requirements, in terms of the corrosion, durability and porosity of each material, establishing the appropriate processes in each case.

We offer a wide variety of coatings and finishes, notably those carried out in manual processes. We offer various techniques and processes, with the best technology, for creating different types of metallic coverings.


We use rubber and steel moulds for working with zamak in all of its varieties, always with the correct composition for complying with quality parameters and standards. Our pieces undergo an exhaustive polishing process.

We also create accessories with brass, a noble material which allows the manufacture of superior quality items.

Our pieces undergo a manual polishing process for perfecting the finish of the piece.


Our range of finishes includes a wide range of tones which is expanded each season with new trends. Ambratto gold, brunet, strong, light and fine gold, and matte, gloss and satin nickel are some of the finishes that we have released with each collection. Aged gold, pink gold, aged silver and aged copper and their satin versions are other finishes of our extensive range.

All finishes of the pieces are also created ecologically, free from nickel with the corresponding protection required by GALVANIC FREE.


Fornituras L. Mora protects the finish of its pieces with a transparent protective covering which allows the durability of the accessory’s finish. The protective lacquer that we apply to pieces is tested by corresponding laboratories and approved for the suitable quality standards for its use.

Painting and Enamelling

At Fornituras L. Mora we have a wide range of colours of enamels and paints.

We offer a wide range of coatings and finishes, notably those carried out in manual processes. We offer different techniques and processes with the best technology, for carrying out different types of metallic coverings.


The accessories that we offer clients must undergo an exhaustive quality control before being sent.

The packaging of our accessories is consistent with their quality, with a protective film, in EVA packaging, or with foam so that they reach the client in optimal conditions.